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Frequently Asked Questions

We make stealth edits to Wikipedia. Learn about our process and capabilities.


Can't I edit Wikipedia myself?

Everyone can edit Wikipedia but it’s usually not a good idea to edit your own article. Wikipedia has stringent policies against conflicts of interest. They’re proactive in enforcing those policies through digital fingerprinting techniques, sock puppet investigations, and more that make detection likely. Even the FBI got caught. At best, that results in your edits being quickly deleted. At worst, it can create its own public relations fiasco.


I got caught editing My Wikipedia Page. Can you help?

 Wikipedia’s response when a user gets caught violating its conflict of interest policy by editing their own page can be quite draconian. Results often include a ban on the user, blocking the IP address from future edits, and slapping an embarrassing conflict of interest template at the top of the page. It means that further updates to the page will be closely scrutinized and therefore almost impossible without a Wikipedia track record. 

Luckily, our team of professional Wikipedia editors can help but it’s much more difficult than our standard services. Please book a consultation to discuss your situation and receive a custom quotation.



Can you guarantee that my article will reflect the final wording I want?

Since anyone can edit and make contributions to Wikipedia, it’s impossible to guarantee that the final wording or contents will exactly match anything we agree to. What we can promise is that we’ll do everything possible to covertly influence the editing process to achieve a result that’s as close to your desired outcome as possible.

Generally, any addition that’s credibly sourced will remain. But anyone can make edits and suggest changes so the final wording may reflect community contributions. The more unimpeachable the content we add is, the less likely other users are to question, edit, or remove our contributions. 


Do you work with all types of entities?

No, we do not work with entities involved in illegal activities, operating in areas under U.S. sanctions, or on behalf of foreign states as specified in the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

We work with high-risk sectors such as legal cannabis (CBD), gambling and casinos, debt collection, healthcare and pharmaceuticals (excluding medical practitioners), cryptocurrency, and tobacco on a case-by-case basis and these may be subject to additional charges. Please contact us for more information.


What does a typical timeline look like?

An article creation project for a clearly notable entity or person can usually be completed in less than a month.

Time to completion for edits to existing pages can vary dramatically. Small non-controversial updates or additions to existing pages can generally be completed within days. More substantive changes can take longer. Potentially controversial changes that alter a article’s viewpoint or suppressing negatives from coverage can take longer or be an ongoing process. 

If you’d like to discuss your project, book a consultation or get in touch!


Will anyone know I hired you to manage my online reputation on wikipedia?

Short answer: no.

We work under a strict non-disclosure agreement to keep the identities of our clients confidential. We do not follow Wikipedia’s policy to disclose conflicts of interest or paid editing. While this type of editing is discouraged by Wikipedia and actively policed, we’ve never been detected by Wikipedia and our clients have never been exposed. We edit Wikipedia on your behalf in stealth-mode.


Can you remove negative information from wikipedia?

We can manage your online reputation by editing Wikipedia articles to scrub or supress negative opinions or perspectives. These edits might require a longer timeline than most edits especially if the subject is high profile. High-profile subjects often attract more attention including from editors in the Wikipedia community who actively insert information that undermines or detracts from the subject.

At Wiki Verification, our team of editors will work to influence the Wikipedia editing process to manage the content and tangibly impact your public image. 


What is your refund policy?

Packages are non-refundable once work commences unless otherwise noted. Cancelation of subscriptions can be made any time and will take effect at the end of the current billing cycle.